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Dallas TX - DFW International (DFW)


Terminal D


Minute Suites (DFW9)


Airside - located near Gate D23.

Opening hours:

24 hours daily. Shower facilities are subject to payment at a discounted rate of US$20 per 30 minutes - Only 1 card per visit per Cardholder will be accepted at point of registration. Due to current travel restrictions impacting the area this lounge is temporarily closed.


1. Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to use a Minute Suite for a 1 hour stay. 1 Minute Suite usage represents a single lounge visit within the Cardholder's existing lounge visit allocation for which the Cardholder will, where applicable, be charged. Each subsequent hour of Minute Suite usage will be charged at a discounted rate of US$28 and payable directly to Minute Suites. 2. Up to 3 guests accompanying the Cardholder in the same Minute Suite may use it at no extra charge. 3. The Cardholder is responsible for any additional charges incurred. Minute Suites may ask Cardholders to present a payment card for incidentals at the time of check-in. 4. Each Minute Suite is equipped with a comfortable daybed sofa (sleeps two), pillows, fresh blankets, a workstation, a sound masking system that helps to neutralize noise and Nap26 audio program to help deliver a refreshing powernap. 5. Minute Suite usage is subject to availability.

Lounge Facilities:

Air Conditioning

Disabled Access

Fax Machine

Flight Information

Internet Access

No Smoking




Minute Suites, Dallas TX - DFW International Minute Suites, Dallas TX - DFW International Minute Suites, Dallas TX - DFW International